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The Legal Claim


Learn more about the Earthjustice legal claim by clicking here.


Or download the Earthjustice Legal Complaint and Petition here.


This legal filing contains an excellent history and background of the Waimea River, its people and its ecosystems.  


It is also a fact-filled description documenting the unchecked water wastage and water dumping by Kekaha Agriculture Association ("KAA") the private sector tenants association that manages the ditches and diversions of the west Kaua‘i state agricultural lands, with Agribusiness Development Corporation ("ADC") as the state Licensor of those lands.  


This water wasting by KAA. under the watch of ADC, has been occurring at the expense of the Waimea River and the people of Hawaii for many years.

Maps of Our Waters


See the maps of the two plantation ditch systems (the Koke‘e and Kekaha Ditches). The maps show the ditch intakes high up in the mauka lands of west Kaua‘i that divert the headwaters away from the Waimea River.


The maps also show the Waimea River path as it makes its way from mauka to makai to the river mouth.  


Waimea waters diverted by these ditches are ultimately pumped out to sea through drainage outlets on the Kekaha shoreline and Nohili, near PMRF and Polihale Beach.  


Millions of gallons of river water each day are dumped and wasted under the management of Kekaha Agriculture Association ("KAA"), a private entity whose members comprise the licensees of the west Kaua‘i state agricultural lands.

How Kekaha Agriculture Association (KAA) and Agribusiness Development Corporation (ADC) became our westside Water Managers


To learn about the entites responsible for managing the waters of the Waimea River (ADC and KAA) who they are and how they manage our waters, read pages 26 to 43 of the Earthjustice complaint and petition.  Download here.

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